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Consolidated Adhesives, Inc. started out as a small adhesives business by its chemical engineer founder who began, in 1960, by making red padding glue for one of his friends. He was operating as a sole proprietorship business at that time. His concern for the environment set his mind to produce only water-based industrial adhesives.

Consolidated Adhesives, Inc. distributes its STIKWEL construction glues through its national network of distributors. It also sells to industrial users through its WHITE-GLUE and STICKIE brands.
Tesa represents 120 years of adhesive tape technology and today offers over 800 different kinds of adhesive tapes with 70 % of sales catering to industrial and 30 % to consumer applications.

Based on the core competences to develop specialty adhesive compounds and by employing specialized coating processes tesa AG reached a corporate turnover of 696 million € in 2003. With 1.600 employees in Germany and 3.500 world wide tesa is market leader in Europe and No. 2 world wide.

• Manufacturer of UV INKS & VARNISHES.
• Chemical products graphic industry.
• Aqueous coatings.
• A fast emerging international name in UV Inks & Coatings.
• Manufacturer of specialty chemical products for the graphic industry.
• Fast growing reputation in the UV technology.

In the global screen, pad, and digital printing markets, Marabu today ranks as one of the leading ink manufacturers worldwide.

Our “Creative Colours” for hobby and arts applications are also taking a top position as one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

We are supplying various inkjet print media in this brand name which is accepted well with our customers.
Global Offset Printing Plates Factory is situated in Riyadh,the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It is the only offset printing plate factory in the Middle East. It produces quality positive and negative plates with sundries chemicals for offset printing presses. Its products are matched with qualitative and quantitative requirements for web offset and sheet fed printing presses. Even though the products are designed for universal requirements, special attention was made for their ability to withstand the extreme climate of the Middle East and African countries. The factory's strategic location makes it highly reliable for in-time supply, service, customer and technical support to the presses of the Middle East and African countries.
Well over 100,000 customers, spanning every continent, use our products and service for their success: chemical systems and technological systems for screenprinting, textile printing and adhesives in wide ranging applications.

Assured quality and market oriented business is one KIWO's strengths. A quality built upon our ISO 90001 recognized quality management system.

ABC Chemical Company, was founded in England in 1969 under a joint Anglo-American venture with Allied Pressroom Chemistry (USA). Both companies are independent leading manufactures of specialist chemical products for the international printing industry and are supported by a global network of distributors.
The factory is located in kuwait, and producing various masterbatch for the plastic industries locally as well as targeting to export.
The leading German company supplying quality hot stamping foils.
Torda middle east is supplying solvent based & water based flexo inks for the packaging industry.

The factory is located in dubai/uae, and they are one of the pioneers in the flexo inks in europe.
INTERCOAT`s roll film range is focused on all the major Printing processes, with products in materials such as PE (Polyethylene) Cast and Blown. PP (Polypropylene), Soft PVC (Polyvinylchloride) Monomer and Luminescent, Polystyrene and Synthetic Paper. These products can be supplied with or without Corona pre treatment or INTERCOAT`s own developed Top Coat treatment which guarantees permanent print adhesion.
For more than 30 years, Alcan Kapa has been successfully involved in the production of thin lightweight boards with a polyurethane hardfoam core, established worldwide under the KAPA° brand name in display, automotive and industries. Integrated within Alcan Composites - a member of the Alcan group of companies - KAPA° boards contribute to the success of many products. Innovative strength, creativity, reliability and vigorous customer-orientation are key to our thoughts and actions. Our mission is to dynamically further develop our technical know-how and new application possibilities.
Longstanding tradition and continual progress are the main bases on which our company has developed in the wire industry. The family driven company "Loetters" is producing low and high carbon wires since 1912, by now in the third generation, for most different utilisations in the range of 0,20 mm - 6,00 mm.

Our enterprise was able to gain a leading position in manufacturing wires with top level quality surfaces. We are delivering our high-class versions with electrolytically galvanized, tinned and plastic coated surfaces to customers around the world and this to many different kinds of industry branches.

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